New Beers Resolutions

In 2016 I tried a lot more beer. According to my Untappd I tried 99 distinct beers throughout 2016. Now that may sound like a lot to some people, but when you consider the vast range of excellent craft beers out there it’s a miniscule proportion of what’s out there.

To that end I’ve made one sort-of new years resolution: drink more beer.

Not just more beer though, I want to taste more newer beers. As the new year rolled in, I had 294 distinct beers logged in my Untappd account.

In 2017, I’m aiming to taste 256 new beers to take my total up to 500.

As a start, I’ve signed up for a beer subscription service from the folks at Honest Brew. I got a deal that got me the first box – of six beers – for just £9. That’s only £1.50 per beer! After that it’s £29.90 for 12 beers per month – only £2.50 each!

You can grab the same deal by signing up here,  if you’re so inclined.

Obviously beer costs money, so I’ve estimated about £3 per beer spread out over the year. In total, I’ll get 141 beers from my Honest Brew subscription (though there’s a chance I’ll have had some before) at about £2.40 each so I’m already over half way to my goal and under budget with that. Winning!

With any luck, I’ll continue to post about me beer tasting adventures here. You can also follow me on Untappd or check out my hipster beer photos.


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